Improve sensitivity

If you feel laggy touches, it is better to understand what causes it:

Total Latency = Display + PQ touch overlay + optimization in software 


1.1 Decrease Latency From Display(TV Panel)

This is always your first step to get started, for modern smart TVs, it always has complex optimization settings to present you with a good picture quality.

This contributes to part of the latency. It is easy to lower TV latency by changing setting to Game mode:




1.2 Decrease Latency From Monitor( Win 7)

Turn off the ‘Desktop Window Manager’ service of Windows 7 OS;

Go to the Service of Windows 7, and disable the ‘Desktop Window Manager Session Manager’ service

>> Computer Managerment>> Services and Appilcations>> Service>> Stop the service ‘Desktop Window manager Session Manager’ and set it to be started Manual or disabled.

Win 7 decrease latency



2.Decrease Latency From PQ touch frame

We have modified dedicated xml file for you, just download it and do as follows: (download link: mtsvrset.xml , parsercfg.pqx )

  • Go to location ” C:Program Files (x86)PQLabsMultiTouchPlatform”
  • Reboot PC, done!


3.Decrease Latency From application

If you have done the two options above, it is time to try to decrease picture optimization feature in your APP.

Buy your software developer a cup of coffee, and he will be happy to help you with that!