Ghost Touches

Solve ghost points in two simple ways

What are ghost points?

This phenomena happens in two ways:

  1. There are touches without any physical touches
  2. There are more touches than your physical touches.

How ghost touch happens?

We use emitting IR LED lights and receiving IR LED lights to detect physical touch. When receiving signal gets blocked, system recognizes where the touch point is.

If receiving signal is blocked unintentionally, ghost points show up.



Solution 1   

  • Go finding folder path: 【C:Program Files (x86)PQLabsMultiTouchPlatform】


  • Use parsercfg.pqx file to replace current one. (click to download)


  • Reboot PC to make it work.


Test No.2 

Ask support for help to solve it.

          Our friendly support will remote in by teamviewer.

          Please paste following paragraph in email and send to

          " Hi Support:

                        How are you doing? I have a ghost touches problem!! Please help!

                        My teamviewer ID is : your ID

                        Password is: your password

                       Thanks. love you support! Always..