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PQ provides the Multitouch Platform software to diagnose PQ touch overlays.

If the touch overlay has a good connection to the PC, it should appear like this when you open the "Multitouch Platform"





1.Is your PC recognizing a new device?


Generally, it is easy to tell if your PC is recognizing a USB device by the sound.

If your PC doesn't give you any notification of a new device either by sound or small pop up menu in the lower right corner, we recommend you check your hardware connection by the following steps. 

There could be multiple reasons causing this problem such as the USB cables, USB ports, touch overlay mainboard, touch overlay power adapter, operation system (PC) you are using..etc..


  1. Are you using any USB hubs, USB extenders, or USB cables not provided by PQ Labs? If so, please remove them and test again.
  2. Please use PQ original power adapter. If you have another set of PQ power adapter, please switch them to have a try.
  3. Can you help to try a different USB port on the PC you are using? (try switching between USB 2.0 to USB 3.0)    Every time you switch USB ports, please help reconnect the touch overlay power adapter connection.
  4. If you have double checked your USB cables, and different USB ports. Please try the same procedure on another PC, and let us know if it works there.
  5. Please provide Serial Number for this product, which could be found on the back side of the touch frame.


In case the issue persists after you have gone through the list, please paste check list and your testing results in email and send to


2.PC finds USB device, but not recognized by Multitouch Platform


This is often caused by incomplete installation of PQ driver, and could be simply resolved by upgrading to PQ latest version driver.

Click to download PQ latest version driver, or by visiting :


Your current version driver could by checked on Multitouch Platform.

driver version


PQ latest driver version could be found by visiting :

pq driver version